Deworming questions

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    Aug 2, 2010
    Two days ago I did the piperazine in the water treatment for worms after finding out that was what killed one of my hens and almost got another one. So I Have been monitoring my girls very closely right now, and I have a Cochin (all of them except 1 3 yr old are a year old), who is a yr old, and she has been hanging out in her nesting spot most of the past few days. She still has a squishy warm area just behind her legs, so my questions are, how much of the medicine do they need to ingest to be successful? And, would her squishy warm belly be gone by now after a day or so after treatment? I felt a couple others and they still have warm bellies too. Should I give them molasses water to flush the worms out? I don't know if that helped, but the hen that helped me figure out it was worms expelled a load full after getting loaded up with acv in water, molasses in water, pedialyte and a warm mildly soapy bath. I would love to think they are all headed in the right direction for getting better, but I am only cautiously optimistic. Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated

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