DH and the Guineas

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    DH doesnt like my guineas. Chickens are too noisy for him, can you imagine how he handles guineas? So, I told him that I got the guineas for bug control and that I wanted them to roam the garden. They are 5 months old and FINALLY found the garden last night. So what does Dh do? Freaks out and has the kids chase them out of the garden. Great, now they're scared and will take forever to go back in there!

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    To DH........ [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Ok sometimes husbands can be real slow. So I would just sit him down in a real quiet place with no distractions and talk real slow for him, and tell him the garden is full of bugs and you want them to go there and keep it bug free. Now you might have to do this a couple times before he gets the idea, but it might work.
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    My husband just doesn't like it that they roost right outside our bedroom window. We go to bed earlier than they do right now, but that will change with the season and in the winter they will have to be cooped up. It gets way too cold here in MT for them to stay outside without a little heat. I love to watch mine "work" in the garden. This is our first year with Gs and our first year without potato bugs! [​IMG]
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    In fairness to your husband, he may not realize that guineas are a little more discriminating than chickens, and won't tear your garden up to get to the bugs.

    Just trying to play devil's advocate. [​IMG]

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