DH is going to regret leaving me the truck!

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Sep 18, 2007
My kitchen floor has been breaking apart. DH said we would replace it before our oldest daughter started crawling. Well, she is 9 1/2 years old and it still hasn't been done.

He took the girls and went to his sister's (4 hours away) for her "big 60" celebration this weekend and I stayed home to do chores and milking. He took my van and left me his truck!
I went to town this morning and got the underlayment and supplies to put it down. I have the trim removed from the floor and it's about ready for the underlayment. I figured I would wait for the vinyl tiles until after he gets home and give him a chance in helping pick which one out. Now I just have to get to work-ha ha it's almost chores time!

Here is the kitchen floor. I have kept the big spots from getting much worse by using duck tape. But now the whole floor is cracking and breaking up-there is a lot of this you can't see in the photo. I'm constantly throwing away pieces of floor.
It has taken me awhile to decide to do it -with or without him, but my mind is made up now!

This stuff is over 30 years old too!
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I have NO CLUE how to lay down wood flooring or carpet - otherwise this WHOLE house would be in trouble!

I'm so sick of the floorin gin the kitchen, I've thought of sneakily making holes in it myself....
words to the wise --- make sure the floor is TOTALLY level before installing anything other than cushioned flexible vinyl

either get absolutely everything up, or add Bondo-type filler ... otherwise -- believe me -- you will have problems down the road and may even have problems installing !

on that ceramic tile, check to make sure that you don't have to have "hardibacker" type concrete underlayment ... I wanted to put tile in our front hall but found I would have to add that stuff, which would mean that none of the already-installed doors would fit !

good luck
I'm leaning toward the self adhesive vinyl squares. Should be easy enough for me to install by myself if I have too.
We redid the bathroom floor a few years ago but, the livingroom floor is that ugly green carpet that was popular back in the 60's.
with squares --- measure, measure, measure, draw lines for each "line" of squares ... it is incredibly easy to get them the tiniest bit out of line and it "multiplies" andyou cry and have to tear them out ...

I should have learned this when we were installing shingles on the roof, but I didn't, not quite ...

after making mistakes with shingles, and again with floor tiles, I watched a pro install ceramic tile in the shower

measure measure measure, use a GOOD straight-edge and 90* angle ... measure measure, draw lines, measure again !

when I finally put down some CARPET tiles (much easier !) I took considerable pains and it came out enormousely better

warning ... NO house, not even the newest, has exact 90* angles, is exactly level ... luckily molding will cover up jaggedness at the edges ...
I already have the tape measure, etc. standing by. I grewup with a family that remodeled their own houses. If it wasn't our's it was an Aunt and Uncle's.

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