Dh is making ask this about our EE not laying very many eggs

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    She will lay 3 days then take 2 days off and the eggs are very small but a lovely green. His question is will the eggs get bigger and will she lay more often with out the two days off.

    My answer to him was they might get a little bigger and she is not a egg laying machine she will lay how ever often she wants to. I also said sex links are genitacly produced to lay a large amount of eggs. Which is the other breed we have.

    He wants a experts opinion. Is the bird in my aviator a slacker are normal.
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    Sounds pretty normal to me. My Easter Egger has the same laying pattern and her eggs are really small compared to our sex links. The eggs should get a little bigger over time, and eggs in general are larger in the spring and smaller in the summer.

    A note on breeds: Sex links are created by breeding specifically colored roosters and hens that create chicks where the males and females are different colors. The parents of the sex link offspring are often top performers of their specific breeds. Unfortunately, hatcheries and other sources often look solely to egg production and don't always select for serious health problems in the parents. When bred, the two different breeds of parents produce something called "hybrid vigor" Those sex links can have health problems from laying too many too large eggs, as well as problem genes from their parents, and they will sometimes burn out after their second year. Your EE may continue laying at that rate for many years to come.

    You're right that hens are not machines--they're living creatures!
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    In this case you are the expert. Far from an expert myself, I agree with you.

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