DH is picking up eggs TOMORROW!!!!

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    Nov 28, 2011
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    I'm so excited!!!! We're only paying $5 for a dozen eggs, too! Here's the description of the eggs/parents the seller posted:

    The roosters are either a Mille Fleur D'Uccle or his son,an Easter Egger (hatched from a green egg). The hens are many various breeds, both banties and large breeds. The eggs are an assortment of colors and sizes,so your hatch will be a suprise! You may pick the dozen of your choosing. Hens are Easter Eggers,a dutch bantam,an OEGB,Silkie,Wyandotte,Brown Leghorn,Brahma, Austrolorpe,Birchen Cochin,Orpington,Andalusian and probably one or two I've missed. Your chicks could be anything! But all the birds I've hatched are gorgeous feather colors and very healthy. My roosters are on the small side,so the chickens will be smaller than the regular versions.

    We're only getting large eggs (we have large birds right now and we don't really want to add any really small birds); but, I'm kinda excited to see what our mixed babies will look like. They should be beautiful! Any advice before we start our hatch tomorrow night/Saturday morning (other than prepare to be hooked and addicted for life [​IMG])?

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