Diamond in the Ruff... or 3 piece suit!


9 Years
Jun 7, 2010
Portland, OR
So, after complaining on the flakiness of people on Craigslist, I would like to say how glad I am that the first lady flaked! The young man who came to get his 3 new chickies..... was a 21 year old kid, dresssed impeccably in a 3 piece suit:love, driving a nice car.... who lives on 5 acres, has about 12 chickens, and talked to me about wiping the crusty poop off of one if his first chick's bottoms, because he didn't want it to die. Then he asked me about a hundred questions about hatching and broody chickens, and we agreed to keep contact so he can show me the chicks as they grow up and ask me questions when he tries to start hatching his own!

I'm amazed, astounded and absolutely joyful about the home they are going to! Yippeee! Another successful re-home! It doesn't get any better than that.

And let me tell you...if I was 10 years younger and single, that boy would have been MINE!
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