Diaper Clutch (or) Tablet/Reader Case

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    Diaper Clutch (or) Tablet/Reader Case
    You will get one beautifully sewn case for your tablet or reader similar to the ones in the picture. The only exception is that it will have something embroidered on it, if you want. If can also be used as a diaper clutch, as that was it's original purpose and use. The pictured cases, the red flowers have a maroon flannel colored inside, while the blue dots have a black with small white dots on it. For the embroidered case I can use a solid fabric color (red/teal) for the outside with a patterned inside. If you want your case embroidered with a name and picture on it, let me know. They close with velcro.
    (I have a brother pe500 machine with a 4x4 hoop)

    I have Chicken patterns for embroidery...


    Buy now at $8.00 a case
    with $5.00 shipping for a total order

    Paypal Only.
    We ship quick. Usually 1-2 days after payment is received.
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