Diarrhea but no other symptoms

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    Feb 18, 2007
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    My frizzle has had diarrhea for some time, but no other symptoms. Now my bantam cochin has diarrhea too. My Polish does not. (3 chickens in all).

    They are all behaving normally. The Frizzle has recently started molting, but layed regularly until then. The cochin was broody FOREVER but is now laying almost daily. Their personalities are as normal as ever.

    The 3 chickens have a large space with bamboo leaves for litter. I let them out to free range a couple hours an evening and all weekend.

    The diarrhea is quite watery and smelly.

    Is it roundworms? Any suggestions???
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    Feb 12, 2007
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    What are you feeding them? Any change to their diet about the time you noticed the diarrhea? Did you change feed? Are you feeding something you weren't before? Some feeds with low nutritional value can result in very smelly droppings. Or smelly dropping could be caused by an infection. How much of their diet is veggies and fruits? Lettuce and fruits are high in water content, so if they are eating a lot of these, cutting back should help. Have you tried adding yogurt w/active cultures to give them some probiotics? Or have you given them some oats to help firm up the droppings? What has the weather been like? Any changes - did you move them or the hen house or run? Are they under some kind of stress? Droppings are always more watery during times of stress. It could be something minor that you wouldn't think would be a problem.

    BTW, by saying you have a "Frizzle" you are telling me you have a bird with that feathering trait. Frizzle is not a breed. I have a Frizzle Cochin cockerel. He is a Cochin with Frizzle feathering.
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    middle Tennessee
    The food is the same - Poultry Layer from Tractor Supply. I keep it inside (away from predators) so it's not old, wet or moldy.

    I've fed them nothing new and when they're out, they forage around the yard, but spend very little time in the compost - oh wait - I've started a new garden and have been throwing the compost in it - they scratch around in there - still, I'd be surprised if it affected them much. I'll fence it off & see if keeping them out helps.

    I built them a new house in May & they were appropriately weird for a while. I got them a sister (the Polish) in May. Otherwise, no stress. I've introduced new birds from time to time with no problems in the past.

    I haven't tried oats or yogurt. Do you have any specific suggestions?

    I've not been able to determine what breed Anoinette, the frizzle, is. I thought maybe a cochin, but she has a crest. She's also a sort of medium size - not a bantam, but not full size. She's all black, has moderately feathered legs and a very friendly, sweet personality. There are pictures on www.savesewaneechickens.blogspot.com . I'd love input!

    Thanks for your help!
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    Aww that frizzle sort of looks like some sort of Polish mix. She sure is cute! Love all your other pics too [​IMG]

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