Diarrhea for the past 4 days


Oct 19, 2020
New Jersey
Hey guys I’m new to raising chickens and I currently have 4 barred rock hens all of which are 14 weeks old. I noticed a couple of days back that there was some diarrhea from one of my girls. There is no blood or anything like that just smells like very pungent poop. It looks like this and is approximately the size of a quarter. Should I be looking for anything else? I am feeding them dumor starter grower. They seem to all be acting normal and I’m thinking it’s only one bird because there is a bunch of normal poop elsewhere. Thanks!


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The only time they free range is when I’m outside with them, so maybe an hour per day. They are usually in the coop with an attached run area. The only treats I have given them are scratch grains just to coax them back into the run. And I have also given them dried mealworms but very rarely.

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