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    I bought some new Wyandotte girls not long ago and when I bought them I had noticed they had Very watery poo, but they also had NO FOOD in their poop-filled pen & it didn't look icky so I wasn't too worried about it. They ate until they fell asleep after i got them here too. The next day after i got them I lost 2 of my own, home hatched chicks, to Cocci so everyone is currently being treated. Because of this i decided it was probably fine to move the new girls into the main coop for treatment too.

    Thier poo cleared up and got 'normal', but then today when I was out in the coop one of the new girls pooed and it was very watery again(see picture). I am wondering if this is from the medicine(Sulmet) or something else?? I saw nothing strange in the droppings, was just very very watery. I plan to worm everyone after their cocci treatment is done, just because they're due and for the new girls but i wanna figure out if this is normal or not anyway.

    They eat crumble, have been getting fresh water daily because of the medicating. I haven't been giving any treats or anything extra since they've been on the meds. Their bedding is straw with sand/dirt mix under. I took the pool out of the coop while they were in there so they may have found some nice fat earth worms in that area but that's about it.

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    I'm no expert by any stretch of the imagination but I know I read on here that their poo can become watery in the summer when they drink a lot of extra water. May be the medication or could be extra water intake?

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