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    So my 3 and 1/2 week old chicks are having occasional diarrhea. Not bloody but Liquid. Is this stress induced? I don't feed them anything but the chick feed. It's unmedicated. They all get diarrhea but all of them act normal and happy. They are also doing this strange little sneeze too. I'm not sure what its all about. Are my babies sick?!? Anything to help them? Do they make chick probiotics? :-/ I am very worried about them :( any advice is much appreciated thanks
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    Have a look here: http://pluckandfeather.com/chicken-poo-chart-graphic.html

    You can give your chicks plain yoghurt as a healthy snack and some Apple Cider Vinegar in their drink water. (4-5 tablespoons to a gallon water). It'll give them a little health boost. If their symptoms get worse or they develop more you should post in the Emergencies and Diseases section.
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    Give them a few apples, as well as the others things mentioned. You may want to look into fermenting feed/grain as its supposed to render probiotics available for digestion.

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