Diary of A Chicken Owner: Day 1

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    Hi, I'm YummyEggz! Thanks for reading my Diary of a Chicken Owner! I'm a new backyard chicken farmer, with only 4 hens, but am already enjoying it!

    To start off, I suppose I should introduce the coop:
    Zaxby - She's the leader of the flock. Cocky, sassy, and ready to fight, she claims her territory and guards it with all her might. She has beautiful white plumage with brown and black "freckles" covering her head and wings. I believe she is some sore of Game Hen, but I'm not quite sure. I will post a picture of her soon, so maybe someone could tell me exactly what she is?
    Attila the Hen - She's second-in-command. She can hold her own in a fight, but unlike Zaxby sometimes does, she doesn't go looking for trouble. If Zaxby has the "brawn" , then Attila the Hen has the "brains". She is one of the smartest chickens I have ever seen. She has pitch black plumage all over her body, and is an Australorp.
    Rosemary - She's very feisty for her size. As a Bantam, she's definitely very small compared to Zaxby and Attila the Hen. She loves to explore her coop, and will often snuggle close to her best friend, Heidi, on the roosting pole. She has dark grey feathers and is slightly "barred" white.
    Heidi - She's definitely my favorite of the four. Her calm, quiet nature makes her easy to catch and pick up, and she will often eat out of my hand! She has light brown feathers and is a Bantam.

    Well, there you have it. Right now, my hens are roosting on their pole, as it is now dark out. Thanks for reading!
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    Apr 8, 2013
    Nice names, lol. Best wishes with your flock.
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    Well to chicken owning! Isn't it lots of fun? You're girls sound adorable! Keep enjoying them.

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