Did anyone else order from McMurray last month?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by ole-crone, Sep 28, 2007.

  1. I've been sitting in the greenhouse staring at my girls. They are feisty & healthy but I can't figure out what everyone is. I decided to ask if anyone else ordered from McMurray's hatchery last month - the week of August 20th. I ordered the Brown Layer Collection.

    I expected it to be heavy on Red/Black Stars but I don't see any Black Stars. I do have a couple of dark red ones - but I'll have to wait to see what they are. Three are barred rocks. Two appear to be partridge rocks. Of course, there is one turken (no guesses there!) and probably a golden laced Wyandotte. I think three might be buff orphingtons but the rest are anyone's guess. Three are black with brown chests covered in black spots (Spotted Sussex?) and one black gal has one white flight feather on each side. A couple look like a photo I found of a Welsummer - but according to their list, they don't have them this late in the year.

    One red one seems to be feather challenged. She has a few feathers on her wings but she's mostly still down - and no sign of pin feathers. Has anyone ever heard of a bald chicken?

    All in all, they are a healthy lot - they've survived a few nights which dipped below freezing and we're expecting our first snow tomorrow.
  2. Speckled Sussex - knew spotted looked weird.

    I'm trying to get the chicks used to my voice so I go in the greenhouse and talk to them. I decided to sing and they acted like a hawk was about to attack! I haven't given up - I'll continue to sing them a little tune until they decide they like it.
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    I got the pullet pack from meyer, and my list of what I had changed about weekly for the first couple months, I think I know what I have now, hopefully they are 6 months. good luck.
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    Can't help you with the types but I have a 6 week old chick who basically looks like a chick and only has like wing and leg feathers. Poor thing is looking bald too because he's wayy out grown his chick fluff.... I bet he's cold too... they lose their night light next week!
  5. What type of chick is your baldie? I'm a little worried about mine too.
    Maxine doesn't have all of her feathers (the chicken in my profile box) but she never has. She showed up one day in our front yard - poor ugly thing. She looked like she had just escaped from an egg factory. I have no idea how old she is - but she acts pretty old.

    I'm still frustrated about not being able to find photos of chicks with the same patterns mine are displaying.
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    Have you looked on www.feathersite.com ? They have good photos. Also you might get the Storey's Illustrated Encyclopedia of Poultry --I think that is the name. It has beautiful photos of adult birds...not much help with chicks, but a great resource nevertheless.
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    Or you could post some pics on here. There are lots of very knowledgeable people around, and can probably give you some answers.


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