Did I end up with 2 of each??


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Hello, I got these RIR's at Gebos last Monday and I think I might have ended up with two cockerels and two pullets, what do you guys think. Any clue as to their ages would also be great, I'm guessing about three or four weeks.

I two each that look like these.

This is my friendliest chick. I think I'll name her(hopefully) Kiev:D
My lighting is weird and I haven't quite figured out my camera yet:). They are coming in with red feathers so I think they're probably production reds. They came from Welp hatchery.
I agree that they look more like sex links. RIRs can have some white in the tips of their feathers before their adult feathering comes in, but the majority of their coloring should be red. Here is one of my RIRs at about 3wks:

Hmm... oh well, I don't really care what breed they are so that's ok. The lady at the feed store didn't even know how old they were or when they had come in when I got them.
If they are sex links and they all have as much white as the one in the second picture, they are probably males. Some more time will probably help to be sure of breed and gender.
They could be, I was just looking at the hatchery site and they could definately be red sex links. Are the roos usually that much easier to handle as chicks?

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