Did I just hear a crow?


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9 Years
Apr 5, 2010
Below is my 12 week old Rhode Island Red, appropriately named Red. I had no concerns about her femininity but earlier today she made a sound that was unlike one the other girls have made. It didn't sound like a crow exactly but it sounded like maybe that's what she was trying to do. It wasn't the normal clucking noise they make - it was like a more drawn out groan. I should mention it wasn't an unprovoked noise - I had walked into the chickens space and they always make noise when I come around (I wish I could say it is because they like me but I don't think that's the case). Based on teh picture below, do you guys think she is really a she?

at 12 weeks a rir roo would have long green tail feathers and green neck feathers...but believe it or not i had an evil gold comet that crowed...but it also laid eggs...but what i think you got here is a real she...some chickens just make funny noises sometime...but just give it a lil more time
Dominant hens sometimes crow fairly effectively, but they are still lay eggs.
Hope this is the case for you,


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