Did I just mess up this egg from hatching?! **UPDATE: It's hatching**

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by newchickmom09, Jun 7, 2010.

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    Jul 15, 2009
    Well, as many know my GREAT mamma duck Cocoa has nine ducklings following her around. WHen these ducklings were down hatching she just left four eggs in the nest and look these ducklings to the pond. She never went back to the other four eggs that day so I put them under my broody GLW, thinking they might hatch. Well, after a day one of the duck eggs had cracked. It stayed like that for two days so I thought it just had gotten broke. I decided to take out the egg and open it to see what was inside. Well, there was a baby duck and once I opened the egg it started gasping for air. [​IMG] I felt terrible.

    Now there is still three eggs under my broody and it has been almost a week since I put them there. My chicken eggs under her are about to hatch on the 10th so I didn't still want these duck eggs under her if they were going to be duds. I took all three of the eggs inside to candle them, which obviously don't know much about yet since I killed the last duck. I looked at two and they have a large air cell ( I think, it is a light spot) on the top and the rest of the egg is dark, I can't see threw it. That is how the egg looked that I broke open. Then I looked at the last one and it didn't have that much a a definant line between light and dark areas some spot had a darker area coming out. So I course I turned the eggs and flipped the egg around to see if I could figure it out. [​IMG] When Cocoa was sitting on the eggs and she left a bad one out of the nest I looked at that one and it had dark spot that would fall around in the egg when you moved it. So I was trying to figure out if this egg was the same way. Then I turned it a certain way and I see it moving like a heart beat! It must be the ducklings beak and feet moving around when I kept turning the egg around. [​IMG] Once I saw this I ran and put the eggs back under my GLW.

    I know that I have read not to mess with the eggs the last 3 or so days since that is when the ducklings/chicks are trying to line themselves up to start comming out. I HOPE I didn't just mess these eggs up. I really didn't think they were going to be good anymore since the other ducklings are about a week old now.

    Can someone tell me if I just messed everything up or not? [​IMG]
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    I don't think you messed anything up. The three eggs are way past hatch date so I doubt they will hatch, they are probably just fully formed and died in the shell. When you opened the one up, did you just open the top or did you just crack it open?
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    I don't think you messed anything up by moving them...chicks hatch and move eggs around all the time and I move mine all the time too, I don't stay with a steady "lockdown" date on Call eggs. I think that stuff about them "getting lost in the egg" is a load of hooey myself. If you saw a heartbeat, put it back under the hen!
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    Quote:It had a crack on it like it got stepped on from the outside. It didn't look like the other eggs that you could tell were being cracked from the inside out. I just finished cracking it open. The poor little thing still had its yoke attacked and looked like he needed two more days at least.
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    Jul 15, 2009
    They are hatching!!! The one that I was very nervous about since I sat there and flipped it all over the place started a little crack. [​IMG] I was worried this morning when I woke up and the crack wasn't any bigger then my hubby picked up the egg and you could feel the duckling squirming all around. He quickly put it back down. Now the crack is getting a little bigger. I hope he/she comes out ok. Since this one is starting to hatch I think the other two eggs might hatch also. They will be a week later then the original 10 ducklings in the clucthc.

    Do you think these are just the last eggs before she started to sit?

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