Did I kill my eggs?


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Apr 18, 2014
So excited to get some quail going! I set up my Hovabator using the thermometer that came with it, and it's been maintaining 100 degrees F. for the past three days. My hygrometer arrived today, so I was able to check the humidity, which has apparently been around 60 percent. So far, so good.

The hygrometer just happened to have a temperature guage, too, and it indicated the incubator temp was only 89 degrees! After testing both thermometers at some known temps, I think the one attached to the hygrometer is correct. I have adjusted the temperature in the incubator to 100 degrees by that thermometer. I see that the mercury in the one that came with the incubator was split.

Should I throw out these eggs and start fresh, or is there still hope? I'm totally bummed! Thought I was being so careful!
I would think they are ok, if it was way to high then it would kill them. Give them a chance I would say.
If you are only on day 3, you might be able to save them. However blood rings like to grow at low or cool temps in these first few days. Make SURE the thermometer you are using is correct and I would continue on for another week. Then candle the eggs to see if you have any veins growing. But day 8 or 9, you should see something growing, blood veins and a tiny dark spot in the eggs.

Good luck! Oh and welcome to BYC!

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