Did I kill them? Eggs in bator question.

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by silkiebeginer, Aug 6, 2007.

  1. silkiebeginer

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    Jul 31, 2007
    Ok I put the eggs in on the 20th of July, so this would be day 18 right? Well i candled them 3 nights ago and i seen movement in most of the random eggs i checked. Last night I decided to candle one last time before I have to up the humidity and leave the lid shut starting tomarrow. Well I saw NO movement in any of the eggs i checked last night. The only light i see when candling is light at the end where the air pocket is. But I saw NO movement. Have I done something to kill them in just 2 days? The temp has been pretty steady and i have been keeping the humidity between 50 and 55%, It has dropped to about 48 but not for a lond period of time and yesterday i refilled the water area and it did get up to 66 or 68 for a few hours but now is back down to 58. Well I will turn them for the last time before i go to bed then in the morning i will get the humidity up. I have seen some posts say 70 and some say 80 and the instructions say 65%, so i'll have to figure out which one to go with. Anyway thanks in advance for any advice. Any experienced hatchers that have any advice please add your comments.

  2. Hi! If you set on the 20th, I would count today as Day 17.
    By now, there isn't alot of 'wiggle-room' in the egg. Not so much to see --- just a shell full of chick and an air-cell. That's good [​IMG]

    With your pretty constant incubation humidity, I'd go for 65 - 70% in the hatcher.

    If the temps have been as consistant, I predict you'll be seeing pips Thurs and have chicks on Fri!!

    What are you expecting?

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    I bet they're fine- hey, there's no room to move around in there now, right? And as far as humidity goes, I up it to at least 65-70 and try to hold it between those numbers. It will rise when the eggs start hatching anyway.
  4. tiffanyh

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    Apr 8, 2007
    I never see movement at the end. I just candled mine on Day 18 and in this batch I was one wiggle a bit, but most of the time I see nothing at this point....
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  5. silkiechicken

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    Yep, its tight in the egg now! Not much space so I bet they are fine! Hope you have a great hatch!
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    Hi, sounds like your eggs look just like they are supposed to. Hope your hatch is great! Let us know how it goes! We would love to see pic too!

  7. silkiebeginer

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    Jul 31, 2007
    Thanks to all who have replied and thanks for letting me know to count this as day 17, I was wondering about that. Glad to know they are most likely just fine in there.

    Dipsy Doodle Doo...It will be a surprise!!! I ordered the feather legged assortment from Meyer Hatchery. It could be a few different kinds of Cohins and all different colors of silkies. So I don't know what i may have. I am hoping that if I have any hatch one will be a blue silkie. i think those are so pretty. I also have a white silkie setting on 10 of her own eggs, two yard chick eggs and a plastic egg,lol. She started setting the same day my eggs went in bator. Since this was my first time trying to using an incubator, i figured I would go a little cheaper just in case I screwed it up. So i bought the assortment rather than paying extra for just blue silkie eggs. But they are all either cochin or silkie. And the eggs are different sizes and shades of brown and tan so i believe i ended up with a few different kinds.

    I will for sure let you all know when i get a hatch and i will post pics. I may need help to know what i end up with.

    Thanks for the support and encouragment.....Jennifer
  8. Great! You should get some cute chicks from the Meyer ass't., Jennifer! ...and those 'plastic chicks' aren't going to eat much.
    I think I have chicks hatching the same time, but I dinged out and didn't mark a date on the eggs, or a date on the calender (I marked the eggs I set, but when is up in the air).
    I hope we'll be hatching buddies.

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