Did she forget she is a chicken (real ? not a joke)

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by cary 1973, Jan 29, 2013.

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    My little bit 9 months old is at the very bottom of pecking order of 4 chickens for the last monthish she has pretty much stoped haning out with the other 3 chickens and now hangs out with the dogs. if the dogs are inside so is she if they run out the door barking she is right behind them she now sleeps with them at night when its bed time she crawls in bed with the dogs. She seems bery happy I get egg out of her every day it seems when she is with the dogs even when the other chickens are around they dont mess with her at all.

    So my ? not a joke do you think she thinks she is a dog? or just hanging out with them cuz there nice to her. Oh ya she cuddles with the cat too but the cat also thinks she is a dog and sleeps and hangs out with them runs out door when they bark ext.

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    If she was getting picked on by the other birds, she just found herself another "flock" that doesn't. I doubt she forgot she's a chicken, they are not necessarily the brightest bulbs on the tree. [​IMG]
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    my 2 leghorns who share teh head chicken title pick on her when I am not around they used to when i was around but soon learned that was not good outcome, my buff orphington gets along with everyone. When she did sleep in coop i did not shut the chicken door cuz Lilly and Pheonix would just pick on her in the am and trust me they have pleanty of room in the coop. the dogs and cat dont bother her at all and except ehr as one of the pack at dinner time seh even comes and eats out of Candii's bowl (other dogs dont share well but the pitbull has no prob sharing her dinner with chicken or cat or rat) She seems like a very happy chicken I just dont know chicken psych and if this will do harm but i am thinking not
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    A friend of mine had a rooster and a a crazy dog that were buds and shared a dog house for years, which was weird cuz that dog hated almost everybody but loved his chicken. The rooster lived like that for 4 years that I know of and was just fine with people and finally died probably of old age but did fine in his small flock.

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