did she just go broody?

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    May 4, 2008
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    I have two chickens who just started laying about one week ago. At first they used two different nesting boxes, then yesterday they both laid in the same one. Today, one went behind some wood we have leaning against a shed and laid. The only reason I know is because I saw one chicken standing where I could see her behind there, I counted heads and was "missing" one...she was laying down behind the wood. Sometimes the take dust bathes in there so I didn't think anything of it at first. The other layer was in the nesting box. I figured I would just come out later and collect eggs. Went back out 25 minutes later to find one egg behind the wood where I can't get it, with the laying chicken drinking water, and the other one still in the nesting box.
    so, the questions are, did she go broody, or just chose a different spot because she was let out before she laid her egg? And should wait to see if the other chicken comes out of the box?
    It has been abnormally warm here the last few days (70 today).
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    just chose a different spot because she was let out before she laid her egg

    Not broody.

    When they are broody, they won't get off of the nest where they lay their eggs.​

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