Did the turkey kill my hen?

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    I have a one year old Tom. He lives in the barn. I let my chickens free range in the day and lock them in a stall at night. Yesterday I went to the barn to check waterers and Tom was standing over a hen that was flopping all over the floor. I shoo'd him back, picked her up, looked for something wrong and laid her back down. I went to holler at my hubby and when I came back she was dead. I found no trauma to her except her vent seemed swollen and open. I don't think it was prolapsed, but I'm not sure. What happens when a turkey tries to mate a chicken? I've heard it kills them but does it kill them w/o leaving tread marks or what? She had no cuts, wounds or blood anywhere.
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    Sounds like that's what happened. I've heard of that before.... [​IMG]
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    All it takes is one whap on the head from a turkey to kill a chicken. I've stood there and seen it with my own eyes. You can't keep the two together.

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