Did they kill it?

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    Out of my 6 eggs set, all 6 pipped. Yeah! But the last one was pretty slow and the other chicks rolled it around quite a bit, and it ended up pip side down. Now there is a clear yellow ooze coming from the pip. It has been a day and a half since the last one hatched, and there hasn't been any progress.

    My question is - did the other chicks rolling it around kill it or could it have died for some other reason?

    If the rolling did kill it, what should I do different next time? Leave all the eggs in an egg carton? Take the hatched chicks out sooner? I left them in for 12+ hours because I didn't want to mess with the humidity.

    And what is that goo? If it were unabsorbed yolk it wouldn't be clear, right?
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    I'd like the answer to your question too. It seems the last chicks have more problems. Is it because the hatched chicks play soccer with the eggs? [​IMG]
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    ...or is pipping last a sign of a weaker egg/embryo?
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    Well, on day 18 when I last candled, it did seem a little less developed than the other embryos, I attributed it to being on the top of the row when turning, maybe it was a little cooler up there?

    But it did have a nice strong pip going, and then nothing.......

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