Died From A Bee Sting? Is it possible?

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Apr 12, 2012
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We bought 14 one week old chicks the day after Easter and out of those we lost one last month.

We had them in the coop and during the day we would release them to forage in their run area. The one who died was smaller then all the others and always seemed more afraid of people.

Well that day when we let them leave the coop that little fellow stayed behind, as always. I was watching them all play and run around and thought I'd go and once again try to get him to come out too.

Mind you maybe 5 minutes had passed and when i returned i found him dead laying in the coop. What? I started looking around in the coop and seen a single red wasp hovering next to the roof. It was building a nest.

I'm wondering if this fellow got stung by this wasp. He died within 5 minutes. Before that he was running around looking very healthy as he always had. So, we have no clue. I didn't see any type of swelling to suggest a wasp sting.

He was very healthy when I let them all out to forage. When returning to the coop to try to get him to come out he had died.

The ones we bought consisted of buff orpingtons, red sex-links, blue dutch, ee, golden laced cochin and he appeared to be a black old english game bantam.


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Anything may be possible, but that is not a probable cause of his death. From your description he may have had some sort of a congenital health issue which finally caught up to him.


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Jun 4, 2011
yeah, smaller and more skittish could easily point to health problems

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