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May 1, 2012
I had a 4 year old buff orpington named Itty Bitty. She was one of a flock of 17 including a rooster. Her best friend Mrs. Magoo was taken by a fox about a month ago and since then she has been a bit of a loner. I noticed day befor yesterday that she was the last one coming in to the coop and my husband even commented on her "taking her good old time". I didn't think much of it for she has always had an attitude. My grandson let the flock out yesterday so I didn't see any of them as they filed out. When I called them in last night, Bitty was missing. I found her under the porch, standing and not wanting to come out. I finally shimmied under until I could reach her and immediately knew something was horribly wrong. Her comb and waddles wer turning purple and her stomach area was bloated severely. I held her on my lap and checked her over. Nothing wrong with vent or throat. A little white poo on feathers as usual. No runny eyes or drool. Nothing else but horribly bloated. She leaned against my chest, kicked once and died. Within 10 minutes of her passing, her comb and waddle turned deep purple. I didn't necropsy her because grandkids were here and were already upset. Does anyone have any ideas what could have caused those symptoms? If she was egg bound, would she still have pooped? Will they eat poison mushrooms and if so, how does it affect them? I know they don't have human emotions but I even wondered if she grieved herself to death. She and Magoo were together in my first shipment of peeps 4 years ago.
Sorry for your loss. It could have been any number of things that could have caused her death. Internal laying can be a very common cause of death. Sometimes doing your own necrops at home can help you see what was wrong, such as egg binding, peritonitis, worms, blockage of the giaard or crop, kidney disease, and the color of the liver sometimes can tell you things.

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