Difference in resting rates FR vs heritage (time for rigor to pass)

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Apr 14, 2011
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I've only butchered FR's and our Black Java layers (extra cockerals). But I'm noticing a significant difference in resting times post-processing.

The FR's we processed and rested in fridge for 2 days - by then the rigor had passed.

Our Java's we processed and rested in fridge still haven't passed through rigor at 3days and counting!?! I had processed two cockerals on Tuesday intending them to be Fri night dinner. (Cockerals were 22wks and 18wks). We ordered out instead, as they haven't finished with rigor. So chicken and dumplings will have to wait, perhaps by Sunday dinner rigor will be complete...

Anyone else have this similar situation? I'm wondering if the cockeral's age has anything to do with it. The FR's only lived to be 13 weeks. These Java's have had twice the lifespan of the FR's.

The other thing I've noticed is the Java's have very purple-tinted meat. Haven't cooked 'em yet (see note above) to see if coloration stays in meat post-cooking...but found it interesting none-the-less.

Anyone else? Or do I have the wierdest flock out there?
I have heard that rigor is different for each bird and one could take 2 days while another takes 4 or more. I put mine in a brine solution with 1/3 cup of kosher salt in a gallon of water and let it sit in it as it thaws in the fridge. You can speed the relaxation along bu moving the legs and wings to loosen up the muscles.

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