Different Breeds, Different Personalities?


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Apr 30, 2007
Last year I raised all Rocks, Barred, Partridge and Blue. And even though I noticed a difference in the individual birds, They are pretty calm and liked me!

Now I have some 4 Barred Rock chicks, 2 Buff Orps, 10 Aruncanas (sp?), one RIR, 2 polish (white crested), and 2 silkies. The BR's are just like my birds last year, my Buff Orps are SILLY girls! They get all flustered over nothing. My RIR is one bold little girl and nothing flusters her, my polish are very curious and my silkies are shy.

Anyone else notice things like this? My Aruncanas are kind of like my BR. But since there are a lot more of them, I haven't gotten a good lock on their personalities.
I was just thinking about this last night.
My Aracaunas are very shy, hardly EVER come near me, same with my RIR.
My EE are'nt as shy but still don't really want to bother with me.
My Buff orps are pretty affectionate, not too scared. One in particular just adores me, and whenever I put my hand in the brooder and she hears my voice she comes running, hops on my hand, runs up my arm and roosts on my shoulder without fail!
Silver laced wyandottes are the second most affectionate, and the barred rocks third.
So funny though. I took them all outside for the first time the other day. I made a pen out of chicken wire. I actually went in the pen with them and 95% of them were all over me, roosting on me. I was afraid to move.
So I guess when it comes down to it, they all know who mama is
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my silkies are shy too...but i noticed that as theyre growing up, theyre becoming more brave!
All of mine are friendly, some more than others.
The Buff Cochins have always been full of personality. The Silkies are a few beans short of a burrito (both are trying to hatch shavings at the moment), the BLRW are curious and will take you down if you have a treat in your hand, the BRs are totally nuts, and my Polish thinks she's a lap dog. My bantam cochin and millie fluer d'uccle girls are tough little broads... and the top of the pecking order.
I agree they are different. My 6 are all different.

My new hampshire red is the smallest and nicknamed 'Mizz Bossy', she is afraid of nothing. She jumps on my hand and tries running my arm.

My Silver-laced wyandotte is a trip. She jumps on my hand, tries to fly up to me and sits on my shoulder.

My light brahma is very cautious (probably due to my having to wash her butt every couple of hours for her first couple of days). She pecks at my finger when I am holding her and then relaxes.

My Ameracuana is cautious but comes over to me and screams like she is being killed when I pick her up...then she just chills and goes to sleep in my hand.

The two australorps are cautious, loud and fuss about being picked up...they flap like mad and yell at me and then settle for petting and play.

They are all funny, the one thing they have in common.

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