Different Colored Poop


6 Years
Jan 6, 2018
Centre, AL
I’m gonna hope there’s nothing to this, but I thought I’d ask just in case.

Why is one of my hen’s poop a beautiful shade of minty green? I have found this on two different mornings.

All my birds free range and eat Kalmbach Flock Maker 20% crumbles. 076A0B6C-CFBD-453D-80B5-77190B9B289F.jpeg 1C3D523B-7668-434B-B1F6-964FB4CEFD34.jpeg
Looks normal to me. She’s probably been eating a lot of greens (like grass) causing that color.
Well, there isn’t much grass left for the birds to eat, and what’s left they all eat. Maybe she’s got some Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream hidden somewhere up there, the scoundrel!

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