Different development rates


9 Years
Dec 2, 2010
I purchased 6 eggs on line and put them in the bator 5 days ago. I had to chuck three of them today as the yolks had become dispersed throughout the white.

However the remaining three are okay. But one of them seems to be more developed than the others. It has thicker veins and a bigger body than the other two which still look pretty fragile.

Does this possibly mean i have a cockerel and 2 pullets? If not any other reason that there would be such a difference. They were all put in the bator at exactly the same time.

I have changed there positions in the bator, i rotate them round in a circle, so it's not likely to be a hot spot.

P.s they are RIR bantams.
Hi had you thought that out of the 6 eggs that you recieved the bigger one was layed first then 3 you have discarded and finally the 2 smaller ones. If the large one has started developing due to high temp during storage this could explain the size difference
I never thought of that. Would the embryo not die when it cooled down when it was posted? Then it sat in my house for a day to let them settle before i put them in the bator. Surely it wouldn't have survived all that. Or would it?
I had an egg that was incubated the same time as the others, but the embryo was smaller and the veins fine and webby. It also had a detached air cell, but it died around day 12. I think that those weaker looking ones are ones that are probably damaged and most likely won't hatch. If you're very careful maybe they will.
Oh. Thats not so good. I have to turn them manually. So i'll make sure to turn them extra slowly from now on.

Guess i'll just have to wait and see.

Amazing how 16 days can feel like a life time.
Thats what I thought until I hit today, day 21. One chick hatched yesterday and none of the others are doing anything. Today is the longest day ever. I keep looking. I've never had one chick hatch without the others following close behind. Ughhh...stress!
So today i candled and the two fragile looking ones have quit. One was quite a bit larger than the other. So out of the 6 eggs i ordered only 1 remains
. I just hope it's yolk isn't dispersed through the white like the last ones. I'm not sure if it's alive or not. It's just a large floating mass with lots of veins radiating out from it.

Hopefully it will make it. Heres hoping it's not a cockerel.

p.s kvmommy hope the rest of your hatch went well.

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