different layer feeds?

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    Jun 7, 2011
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    Today ag agway I noticed there was a poulin grain co layer feed, an agway brand 16% layer feed and an agway brand 21% layer feed just in the vacinity my eyes could see and so it got me wondering, how many feeds are there for laying pellets and which is the best like protein percentage wise?
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    Normally, a layer formula is 16%. That formula has been developed through lots of Agricultural studies. Some folks like to feed a higher ratio of scratch or other grains, which reduces the birds total protein intake. When such grains reach a higher percentage, many people then like to feed a slightly higher protein layer formula to compensate or to balance things out. It is common for 20% layer formulas to be higher priced.

    It is important to remember that if some protein is good, more isn't always better. There are difficulties associated with a hen's diet being too high in protein, a factor not always recognized here. In my experience, there is little benefit to feeding protein in a layer's total diet that exceeds 18%.

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