Different types of feed and they're impact on Ed laying and size.

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    Jul 3, 2016
    Hi all! I'm new here! I have had chickens for around 3 years. I have 21 laying hens right now and I feed them a mix of Poulin Egg Production plus, and Poilin layer Pellets/crumbles. They also get free choice oyster shells in a separate feeder, and a poultry supplement block. No corn in the summer, and I feed them fruits, veggies small amounts of leftover pasta( small amount of all) and of course they're own eggs boiled every so often. They also have 2, 5 gallon waterers that are always clean and full.

    My older hens, 11 of them lay consisntent eggs. ( although I have noticed a few small eggs as of late)

    The younger 10 are Golden Sex Links And Wellsummers. They're over a year old and the Well Summer's lay ZERO eggs and when they do they're tiny. The Golden's lay small eggs intermittently.

    My questions are: could the feed be a large contributing factor? or is there and environmental factor that I'm overlooking do to breed? What types of feeds do you guys use and why?

    I have 8 nesting boxes in a 5' x 7' coop house. And they're outdoor run is 15' x 30' . And they free rage for half the day.

    I really want some of those beautiful chocolate eggs!


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    Jul 8, 2016
    Hours of sunlight, calcium, and feed, vitamins can affect egg production

    The more sunlight the better, some people leave a trick light in their coop at night for an extra hour or two. It can help increase egg production.

    Growing any kind of mint plant by them that they can eat off of, or just feed it do them can dramatically affect egg production in a good way. All herbs are extremely healthy.

    Always check for vitamin A, E, B12, and K. Make sure they are getting those vitamins in any product you give them I'm not saying all of them but at least one product containing those.

    I feed mine Purina ,all species of bird I own. A mix of medicated and non medicated. Never feed them scratch grains.

    If you would like to know more about the herbs and health benefits you can see it on my profile or look at the top of this forum. I just posted about it.
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    I know this isn't my post but this was exactly the information I was looking for. :)
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    Different types of feed and they're impact on Ed laying and size.

    Well, I like all kinds of food. The older I get the more appeals to me. But, after eating a large meal of butterbeans, some squash, a little cabbage, egg salad maybe and some sliced tomaters, fried corn bread, roast beef/fried chicken/etc, followed by some seconds and then some lemon meringue pie or maybe chocolate (peach cobbler's good, too...real good!)...oh, and several glasses of sweet tea....well, I do indeed just want to lay around for a (good) while afterwards but not on my stomach...either on my back or side. The same thing happens when I go to a big, mega buffet...except there's so many choices that I have to try to eat some of all of it...I almost go into hibernation after those meals.

    As for my size, well, I've been "kinda" working on that and have actually lost a couple of pounds over the last year...but I still like to eat. ;)

    But, why do you ask? :)

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