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    Is there a way to tell tiny chicks apart as far as hatchery birds go? I am thinking:

    Buff Orpington VS Buff Rock
    RIR VS New Hampshire VS Production red
    Barred Rock VS Black Giants or other black birds

    I know that you look at comb types and leg colors, but when the comb type is the same, as is it is in the birds I listed, and hatchery birds often have the wrong color legs (so I hear), can you tell? Do you just wait and see?

    This is not important, I just found the thought intriguing.
  2. Cloverleaf Farm

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    Yeah, it ends up being a waiting game. I bought 6 "Welsummer" chicks from the feed store last year. THREE of them ended up being light brown leghorns... [​IMG]
  3. Illia

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    Production Reds really aren't much different at all from hatchery RIR's and New Hampshires actually. I wouldn't bother, however New Hampshires normally are more orange and with more black flecking in the neck.

    Buff Orpingtons are white legged, Buff Rocks are yellow legged. If they weren't hatchery birds the body would be very different too but I'm assuming we're talking hatchery stock.

    Barred Rocks are easily recognized from black breeds as they're Barred first off and have a white dot on the head as a chick. [​IMG]

    Black Jersey Giants are differed from Black Australorps by their yellow instead of white/pink soles.

    Minorcas differ from both by their white earlobes and thinner bodies as well as bigger combs when they grow.

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