Dilemma...Should I or Not


10 Years
May 5, 2009
Lexington, TX
I have some chickens hatching as I speak and I just remembered that the water reservoir was a little low when I put the eggs in the hatcher yesterday morning. My question is should I open the incubator to add water and risk letting out precious moisture/heat or should I take a chance on the reservoir having enough water to make it through the hatch?
is there any vent openings you could get a straw or a clean eye or nose dropper through to add water. I have seen a few post where people will add water to their incubator that way without opening it. or mist the eggs if you know your humidity is low but not too much don't want to drown the chicks.
I use styrofoam cheapie still airs and I open it any time I want, before, during hatch. I keep a spray bottle nearby and just mist the eggs and the inside of the bator if I need to open it and do not get sticky chicks.

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