Dipped the beaks, but they didn't drink


14 Years
May 30, 2009
Clayton, NC
Are they supposed to drink after I dip their beaks, or just smack their lips, er..beaks. Should I dip them again? I'm a nervous wreck. They were shipped yesterday and I just picked them up. Thanks.
Sorry, panic attack, they are drinking now.
i am glad everything is working out now.... where did you get your chicks from? they only took one day to get there - that is great time! mine shipped yesterday from welp, and i was hoping they would be here today, but not so far:( good luck!
I ordered them from MPC and they shipped from Ohio (maybe Meyer's) to Clayton NC, just outside of Raleigh. They were sent Express mail and the post office called me at 11:00. I was really glad they came so fast. If yours ship express mail, you can go to the USPS website to see when they should arrive at your post office.
ugh, i think welp ships priority mail. they don't have tracking numbers (why?) seems like a good ide to me... any how, congrats on your new ones - do you have pics yet?!

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