Dirt run maintenance after worming


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Apr 25, 2010
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I have read thru lots of stuff on here but can't find an answer to this question. What do you do with your run after you worm? Do you spread lime and till in or what??? I just used wazine on my girls and they free range just a little a day (due to neighbor's dog running free all the time). I usually turn them out one hour a day just before they roost. They do have a very large run, 25 x40 or so for 30 birds with a very large house too. I plan to clean the coop and put down new pine pellets real soon, like tomorrow if the weather cooperates. I usually spread a good layer of DE at that time too. I am spraying down the inside too at this time with a bleach water solution to get rid of dust and cobwebs and all of that before winter sets in.
In two weeks I plan to use another type of wormer like ivermectin or the such.


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Quote:There is nothing you can do. Worm oocysts are everywhere in the soil, grass, insects, wild birds, etc...
As long as their feet touch the ground, they can get worms. You can cage them with wire bottoms as in commercial operations, that would be your best bet. OR, you could set up a regular worming schedule as you see fit that would be best for your chickens. If you decide to to this, take in consideration your environment, especially the soil whether it's warm and moist all the time, or cold or dry. The wetter it is, worming should be done more often than dry or cold soil. I worm mine once every 3 months. It's also best to rotate wormers when worming on a schedule to prevent worm resistance to one particular wormer(s.)
ETA: You can add sand your pen/run to help keep it dry. It'll also help keep other bugs at bay such as flies.
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Jun 27, 2010
You can put a lot of sand in the run. I put some down and it does seem to help.

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