Dirty white birds-can't have that


10 Years
Sep 30, 2009
Frederick County, MD
Hi all,

I have a very nice white Plymouth Rock roo that I plan on showing in the county fair later this year. BUT, he is very fond of 'mud'-bathing:gig, instead of dust bathing. SO, he is not quite as white as I would like him to be. I was wondering how one attempts to clean a bird?
And if it is even necessary? Thanks a million!
lol.... well if your me,,,, you put them in the bath tub and wet and lather , rinse and pat dry and whoila.. clean bird.. I did this the day after I picked up my very first hens.. 2 had poo on their backs.. I couldnt have that.. so I brought them in and gave them a nice warm bath.. they didnt mind at all.. one had stayed on their back at all times.. even got to scrub their legs and feet clean as a whistle.
Tide with bleach alternative! Best stuff. Ever. Wet bird, lather bird, brush gently with soft brush with the direction of the feathers. Let Tide soak on the bird for several minutes. Rinse very well--it's nice to put some distilled vinegar in the rinse water, then rinse a final time with plain, clean water.

I don't have solid white birds--but I do have white crested birds. This works better than anything I've ever tried for the white crest feathers. I use a very soft toothbrush to brush the detergent in & clean up any trouble spots.

Some folks use bluing in the rinse water. I haven't tried this, but I've heard it's a miracle for dingy white birds!

Good luck!

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