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Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by chanamarie, Nov 7, 2016.

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    Mar 16, 2016
    Hi...few questions here! I was looking to add some new silkies to my small silkie flock. A couple people recommended someone (who lives at a distance) and she sent me photos of ones she had for sale. We arranged to meet halfway. When we met (with her husband) he had a problem with the box they were being transported in (it broke) so I didn't get to see them as we were afraid they'd get out. So I'm only seeing them 'in person' now.

    It probably goes without saying that I'm not thrilled with how they look. I'm a newish chicken owner, so this could just be inexperience with how they should look. My silkies (hatched out in July) are lovely poofy things. These new hens are scrawny (they're 10 months old). Only the one rooster is poofy. Their feet feathers are kinda broken looking and their poofy heads are not so lovely and fluffy as mine. Could these just still be recovering from moulting?

    And the one new rooster is running around mating all the new hens (well, his old hens) roughly and stomping around. Is he just acting so in-silkie like because he's in a new place?

    I'm just kinda disappointed in them. I hope they'll turn into nice-looking birds (they have lovely colors!). Any advice? Other than, don't buy site-unseen ever again!
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    Nov 7, 2016
    Hi! I sorry to hear about your chickens. Can you post a pic? Their feathers might just be messed up from the ride. If you plan to get more chickens, I would recommend Purely Poultry. I think they ship adult chickens ( I got chicks ), they also will send you NPIP papers if you wants them. When my chicks came they were heathy and walking around the box! [​IMG] I hope your silkies do fine, God bless!
  3. They probably have a lot of Birds....Not kept clean or properly fed....I got Chicks from a guy I know that does not care for his Birds the same as I do....They looked thin and ratty.....In two weeks they self cleaned and put on the proper weight.....Have no worries.....Soon they will look good.....As far as the Rooster acting all Randy....He will settle once the pecking order is in place....

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    Silkies can be harder for some folks to keep nice looking. Mine probably don't look as nice as some other folk's birds do [​IMG]. I have a hard time with feathered feet here, it's very hard to keep them looking nice.

    If your other birds look nice, I'm thinking you have good management and the new birds will thrive under your care. Feathers will come in, and I think by spring they'll be pretty and happy.

    About the poofs--are you talking about crests? That probably won't change. Some Silkies, especially hatchery birds, just don't have much crest. Case in point...



    My little pair from Ideal. Hardly any crests.....and that's never changed. Birds are two years old and look just the same. It's just a sign of poor breeding, sorry.

    The rooster's behavior--animals do all sorts of weird things when you move them. Just give him time to settle down. 2 weeks can make a ton of difference.
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