DISASTER Quail Incubation!

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  1. Draga Devia

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    Sep 18, 2013
    Hi all! I have a HUGE problem. [​IMG]
    I ordered 36 Quail eggs from EBAY! They arrived all ok but 3. They were cracked so I tossed them. I incubated the eggs about 22 days ago (They are Coturnix Quails) about 18 eggs were not fertile (I candled them at day 10). and the rest had dark massed inside!
    Temperature about 37.6 - 37.8 C° and Humidity about 40 - 50%! and for lockdown about 65 - 75 %. I turned them 4 times a day from day 3 to day 14.
    After day 18 I started to wonder what was the matter and why nothing was moving inside the eggs so I candled one quick and could not see anything. So I tought it would be allright to open just 1 from the air sac and I was pretty sad when I did! The poor quail was shrink wrapped and of course DEAD! [​IMG]
    The humidity was high at lockdown and i have not opened the incubator... I cant undesrstand why..
    So I left them till day 20 and nothing happened... after candling with no movements inside, I opened more eggs and they where all dead and Shrink wrapped.... Nobody had even interally pipped! Only 4 quails moved a bit so I wrapped them in a paper towel and put them back in the bator!
    This morning they were still moving a bit but had not broken the membrane to breathe so I took them to the bathroom and raised the temperature and humidity of the room and started making a hole in the membrane to try to take out the beak.. and i did find the beak without making them bleed.
    2 did not open their mouths to breathe not even once .. 1 did take deep breathes and the other one... well it has a deformed beak :( :( but it is breathing allright and moving a bit..
    So now I am here only with 4 left from 36 eggs and I can't understand what went so wrong! [​IMG]

    I did an ''Eggtopsy'' to the other 11 eggs:

    2 Eggs had Early Deaths and the other 9 eggs shrink wrapped, and what makes me wonder a lot... they almost all had wrong hatching positions!
    Some had the butt at the aircell.... others their head between their legs. 1 Even had a broken yolk sac...

    I hope for some advice


    (Sorry for bad english)
  2. Bryam

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    Aug 19, 2008
    You turned the eggs by hand? Letting out the humidity and heat every time ! Get an automatic turner for your next hatch! The humidity for the first 18 days should be around 30-40 not much more!
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  3. satay

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    Esk Qld Australia
    I set mine at 37.5 c and 40% humidity for the first 14 days then up the humidity and stop turning them to 60%. Have you checked that your hydrometer is working right. Shrink wrapped is usually not enough humidity. Hand turning for the first 14 days will not cause you any problems as long as you don't open the incubator after day 14.
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