Disaster with Genesis 1588!!


13 Years
May 30, 2007
I have NEVER had this happen with a Genesis incubator before. I woke up this morning and the temp was 112 Degrees F! It has been running perfectly for over a week. All of those eggs got cooked. I'm sick over this. I had shipped eggs, marans, orpingtons, and ameraucana in that bator. Gahhhhhh!!! Anybody else have that happen with a Genesis? I'm waiting to hear back from the manufacturer.
No, it's the bator. I'm feeling quite ill.
We had one go wacky

Quit using it.

Seems the high tech thermostat went on the fritz

The sportsman just chugs along.

Sometimes high tech is not an improvement.
So sorry to hear that!

I was low on thermometers so my Genesis doesn't have a thermometer in it... I just assumed that it would keep the proper temp. Now I'm really nervous!

*Jumps out of the chair, runs down to the basement, and grabs a thermometer out of another incubator and puts it in the Genesis!*
I had it running for over a week with no problems. It's a new incubator. I let it run a few days empty to check it before I put eggs in it, especially since I knew I'd be putting shipped eggs in there. I'm hoping that they will give me a new thermostat. I shouldn't have to bite the cost of the incubator on top of losing all those precious eggs. On a positive note, I have eggs hatching right now in one of my other Genesis incubators.
I would definitely check into that, it should still be under warranty. I love my 1588, haven't had any problems with it. It must be a faulty thermostat on yours. Sorry you lost all the eggs.
Please let us know what the manufacturer has to say!!!

I've been so happy with my Genesis 1588!!! very reliable..... like a trusted babysitter, it's as good as gold!!!

2 weeks ago I got my 2nd Gen 1588...........have had it running for a few days, and all's well. But tomorrow I have 2 shipments of eggs coming in and intend to place in the new bator.

I ordered both of my Gen 1588s from the same place, GQF Manufacturing Co. I would hope they would help me, if this happened to me!!!

Do keep us posted on how this goes. We fellow hatchers all feel for you.
Okay, I got the word that they are sending me a new thermostat as the bator is still under warranty. I tell ya, now I'm watching my other ones like a hawk! It will be awhile before I relax after this horrible experience. They said that this is a rare event with the Genesis, but that it has happened. Of course it has to happen when I have shipped eggs. I contacted the BYC member I bought the eggs from and I'm going to try again. I better have a good hatch! These chicks are going to end up being expensive. LOL

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