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    Jul 23, 2013
    Hey there.

    I just have a couple of questions here.

    My sex link red chicken is about 1yr n 2mths. She is a very healthy chicken, but lately she has been laying on top of her eggs for days without drinking water or eating. We do not have a Rooster, so I believe that she thinks that she can hatch them. I always get her out of the coop so she can eat and hydrate. Just yesterday I started noticing that her comp is becoming discolored. I believe that it could be from dehydration. None of the other chickens seem to be looking any different. Any comments?
  2. She's broody. Their combs tend to get a bit lighter while broody.
    If you want to break her, you can put her in a wire cage (like a dog cage) that's suspended (like on bricks) for a few days. Otherwise you'll have to give her eggs. If you do so you should visit the broody hen thread.
    Kick her off the nest each day, take her eggs and make sure she eats/drinks daily.

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