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Aug 27, 2010
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Any insight as to what could be going on and what I can/should do is greatly appreciated!!

1) Bluebird is an Easter Egger. She's supposedly 2 years old but I think she may be older. She is definitely smaller than the rest of the flock but she's also a different breed (others are Black Australorps and Delewares)
2) One leg is noticeably discolored (whitish as opposed to her normal gray) and it's swollen. About 3-4 months ago she was gimpy and limping around for 1-2 weeks. I had to pick her up and take her in and out of the coop. She "rested" and healed on her on. Has not had any limping or noticeable favoring of the other leg. She also had started a molt about 2 months ago but was not nearly as bad as last years when she went nearly bald. She also stopped laying eggs right before the molt. Most of her feathers have come back though she's still missing her pretty tail feathers and egg laying has not resumed.
3) This has been going on for approximately 2 months, it's slowly getting worse.
4) No other birds are having these symptoms.
5) No injury/trauma/etc. that I am aware of or that I can see.
6) This came on suddenly and her leg has slowly gotten thicker and whiter as time goes on
7) She is eating and drinking normally.
8) There are 6 in my flock. There's no poop in or around run that concerns me.
9) No treatment done so far, it does not seem to bothering her. I'm just concerned as to what is happening and what may happen in the future.
10 ) As for treatment, I'd like to take care of it myself if anything needs to be done.
11) Please see picture below --- it's hard to get a photo of legs as she's a quick mover and will NOT let me catch her. Unfortunately she's not as friendly as the rest of my flock - never has been.
12) She's shares a coop and run with 5 other girls. I use shavings and hay in their coop.

Thanks for your time!

front of leg

front of leg

back of leg

the whole flock enjoying cracked corn - bluebird is at the top of the photo, the smallest of the crew
I will attempt to catch her. She is unfriendly and usually will not let me near her. While my other girls will hop onto my lap if I'm sitting down and follow me like puppies! She came from someone else. The others I raised from a week old so they love me unlike her!
I will attempt and will post a pic if I can!

ETA: Ok, she will not let me catch me. Perhaps later when they're in the run/coop area. But I got somewhat better photos....

foot closest to camera is one with issues. It does look sort of "flakey or scaley".

Decent pic of the difference in size of the feet and coloring. The good foot is in front, bad foot in back.


Again, sorry for the quality. Hopefully I can catch her at some point tonight or over the weekend!
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Those pictures are PERFECT.
One more question, has there has Bluebird ever had a cut in that area? If so them it may be a form of Bumblefoot. ( In the BYC search engine look up Bumble foot)
P.S. the "flaky stuff" I dont know what it is called but all of my chickens have it as well.
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I do not recall her having a cut. When she was gimpy and unable to get into the coop or out. I did inspect her feet and leg for injury. There was nothing noticeable. That was 3 months ago when she was so gimpy she didn't care if I picked her up. I spent 1/2 hour today chasing her around the yard. I'm sure my neighbors loved that!! LOL Tomorrow morning before I let her out of the run I'll catch her and do another inspection. Will post pics at that time. I have seen pics of bumble foot on here before so I have an idea of what to look for! Thanks so much for your responses, I appreciate it!!!!!!

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