Diseases ? Introducing new birds to an existing flock

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    A newbe with a question .. last winter we went to a short talk on backyard poultry raising by our local agri-county agent, one big
    take away we got from this talk was to be very care full introducing other birds to an existing flock...in that you can never be sure
    what diseases they may carry. Well after reading alot of posts here on the forum, it seems alot of people swap chicks, chickens without regard to disease issues, but possibly I'm missing something in these short forum exchanges ? Is there any precautionary measures that people take before introducing new birds to an existing flock... quarantine possibly and for how long ?
    Any other words of wisdom, or hints from expert backyard poultry raisers appreciated !!!

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    Yes, people do swap around birds alot, BUT the general rule of thumb is that new birds should ALWAYS be quarantined for at least 30 days before introductions, longer if possible (the last birds I got were quarantined for 60 days). AND you still never know if they are carrying something infectious, because chickens can carry all sorts of diseases without ever showing any outward symptoms, and if it's something your birds have never been exposed to...poof...sick flock.
    The bottom line is to know who you are dealing with, and even then, if it's a risk you're willing to take to get the birds you want...
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    Look up respritory diseases; CRD including IB, ILT,MG and Coryza
    Look up other more neuro ones; Marek's, Newcastle, LL

    They are shortforms above but if you google or search here with chicken in the seach string you will find lots of info.

    Having a really good handle on the symptoms of these, modes of infection ect. can help you screen any potential swap sources. Also can give you a bunch of good questions to ask them.

    Too, knowing the signs and symptoms of trouble will be invaluable durring quarantine.
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