Disinfecting a wooden coop with lots of dried in droppings

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    Jul 28, 2013

    This my first thread!!1

    Anyways I had 5 Wyandotte pullets last year and after about 6 weeks they died of unknown causes. I think it was avian flu. I am now getting some new hens and want to give them the best start. My wooden coop big enough for about 4 large fowl or 5 bantams has a lot of dried droppings and straw in it and I dont know how to disinfect it!!!

    The hens will be here in a about 2 weeks

    If anyone knows any tips that would be much appreciated

    Thank you
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    Nov 4, 2008
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    first you need to get it as cleaned out as possible. get all of the hay out and dispose of it a long way from the coop. then use a putty knife and scrape all of the dried poo off. If at all possible, it would be a good idea to resurface the floor with linoleum so that it is a non-porous surface that is easier to clean in the future. If not, a sealing paint might not be a bad idea. Then you can use these methods for cleaning. https://www.backyardchickens.com/t/550174/how-to-disinfect-chicken-coop

    about every question you can think of has been asked and answered on there somewhere. You will find answers quicker by using search tool.

    I hope you did not actually have avian flu - its not very common in the US - if you think that killed your birds, any future birds should be tested by your state agriculture dept. Many states will provide free exams of birds that died.

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