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    Feb 19, 2009
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    Do you guys dip your eggs in a disinfectant before putting your eggs in your incubator.

  2. I don't have an incubator, but last year when one of my hens went broody I just left the eggs alone, she hatched all six. marrie
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    NO they had a coating to help protect them , do not submerge in anything!
    if they are really dirty use a damp cloth and wipe gently
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    Definitely not! I don't wash them at all. It's really best to mess with them as little as possible. The eggs have a bloom to protect them. But, dipping them in disinfectant would probably not only wash that off but contaminate your egg.
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    Quote:agreed... no washy washy!!!

    Some MAY develop (I highly doubt with chemicals though) but it slims your chances.
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    Mar 30, 2012
    new laid eggs have a bacterial layer that protects the eggs against other bacteria, in addition to a protective film, this is important if the hen incubates the egg itself,,,, But in an incubator, this is dangerous, when temperatures and climate make the bacteria grow uninhibited, I always wash eggs on the day it comes out of the hen,, (c vircon and hot water, max 2 minutes does not rinse eggs in water, water is not clean), I use surgeon gloves when I handle eggs

    for large incubator I use hot steam 300 C (3 times the boiling Temperature) for half an hour, then spray the I with a 5% vircon c solution, I do not wash away the cleaning agent, the eggs will take no damage, wash with chlorine or peroxide is also a good solution, Incubators MUST always be washed before use,,,, bacteria and viruses grow quickly in damp and warm climate,,, bacteria walking easy through the eggshell, if scientists want to grow a virus or a bacterium, they use a incubator for this,,, Egg is a medium they infect, which nourishes the bacteria,, including Antrax are grown in an incubator,,, cleanliness is a very critical factor for a high hatch rate,, You can not see if a incubator is clean

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