Distraught Duck Owner in Need of Advice

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by LittlePsycho, Dec 3, 2014.

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    Jul 24, 2013
    So, I've spent the last two months trying to hatch call ducks eggs. Four days ago, I finally got lucky on my second hatch and one duckling hatched. Even though I didn't have it for very long, I loved that duckling with all my heart. Just this morning, I was changing its water before school. I didn't realize it had gotten out nor that it was behind me. When I got up to walk away, I felt something fuzzy under my foot. To my absolute horror, I looked down to see that I had stepped on and killed this little duckling I tried so hard to get. I've been beside myself all day and unable to leave the house for fear of breaking down in tears in public.

    Now for the reason I posted this. I need to find more call ducklings. There are some places selling fertilized eggs, but I'd rather not go through another month of incubation for eggs that may or may not hatch. Does anyone know of ANY PLACE that's selling and shipping (unless there is a seller around SE Virginia or NE North Carolina) baby call ducks at this time of year? I'm willing to pay almost any price. If there isn't a place, does anyone have any advice on how to be more successful with the next hatch I do? Any and all information would be more appreciated than you could ever imagine right now...
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    I'm very sorry! I stepped on a frog once and I'm still upset every time I think about it. I can't imagine how you feel. As for call ducks, you cannot get call ducklings shipped. Doesn't matter the time of year they are too small to survive shipping so you either get eggs or adults. I know nothing about hatching so I don't have any advice. I'm very sorry.
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    Ive been there, my little black mallard duckling that took forever to hatch the eggs and find them since my mallards free range, i got home from swim team and i was so tired i had stayed up all night from midnight to the morning of with the baby as it hatched, so when i got home it was crying and i had no sleep all day literally ,well really too days since i woke up at seven the other morning and hadent slept since then, i put the baby on my chest and fell asleep accidently and it was just awful.
    http://www.holderreadfarm.com/duckling_price_list_page/duckling_price_page.htm this is where im getting my new african geese but i think they do calls as well
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    I am so sorry that had to have been heartbreaking and I am sure still is. Only hatchery I could find was this one http://www.mallardlanefarms.com/callducks.htm you might try going on your states thread and asking if they know of any breeders close to where you live. the thread is located in the Where am I where are you.

    I hope you can find some. [​IMG]

    you can always get adults and have ducklings hatch from them.
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    I am sorry, that must have been awful. I know my calls haven't laid in months, so i am not sure how others would be doing.

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