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  1. Short story, we live in a semi rural area, where our neighbours decided to get some female ducks. They wanted them to be free range and roam the neighbourhood. We live on a overly touristed Island and the traffic during summer time is mortifying. The ducks were getting onto the main road, and with seeing the amount of wallaby and kangaroo road kill I absolutely couldn't allow this. We talked with the neighbours and rescued the ducks from them so long as they could have some eggs.
    We've had them for about 3 months now and they have always gotten along. They have loads of water sources and a pool. They get lots of veggies and seed and the occasional noodle treat. The issue I am having is... 2 days of pure bickering. The white female is now chasing my little brown female around and being very aggressive towards her. The other brown female doesn't want to get involved. She seems to be caught in the middle. It is seriously non-stop yelling at each other. I am at my wits end with them and can't for the life of me figure out what their problem is.... but it needs to stop. I am just waiting for a neighbour to call the police on us for all the noise. Please somebody help me make sense of this fiasco.
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    Sounds to me like sexual maturity, and there establishing a pecking order. How old are they? the breed too. My females squabble sometimes, and quite a few are in years old not months(so definitely past maturity) unless it gets way out of hand, most times it does work itself out.

    Ducks can be very noisy during this, even my scovies which are generally a quieter breed can be loud, they were all going off last night at put in time, jabbing, pulling and making a bloody racket lol this is in a good sized flock too. How has your weather been? we recently had a mild spell flipping the birds into hoping for spring, we've gone cold again, i believe your the opposite right now? if your warmer, desire for brooding, and nesting comes into play, again all hormones.

    As for suggestions? you can try distraction, but sounds like you have a decent set-up anyways, i admit i just observe mine and then ignore i am completely rural, neighbours don't matter.

  3. I have absolutely no idea what breed these girls are. I tried looking it up once but it didn't turn up much other than the white duck would possibly be pekin. I also don't know their age, but I think the little brown one might be younger than the other too. Do females go for dominance and have a pecking order? They are very naughty, every time I fill their pool they all jump in and well pretty much have a 3some. Which I thought was strange since they were all female.
    We did just hit Summer time, but the weather hasn't really made a drastic change, yet. Been fairly mild with the exception of one day last week.
    Do you think I should separate them? I was hoping I wouldn't have to do that but I am desperate to stop the fighting.
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    Sometimes I use plastic poultry fence and make temporary dividers. That often calms things down. But Einz yelled for three weeks when we brought in Carmella, Hazel and Bean. Mercy. But most of the yelling was at night, in their night pen.

    When the hormones rage, the behavior gets - well, it can go in any direction.

    Have you tried plying them with treats, like mealworms or peas?
  5. It's interesting, they seem to be fine when the crows come around, they often ban together and run the crows off. Once the crows are gone Daisee (white) goes nuts on Mei (little brown). Yesterday I cut off their daily treats hoping that would work... nothing. *sigh* Today I gave them peas and cabbage, every time Mei tried to get a treat Daisee would run her off. Juni (brown) doesn't seem to care either way. Sometimes she takes sides but for the most part she wants to be left out of the fighting. I am thinking of setting up a barrier today but which duck goes in the penalty box? The bully or the bullied? A falcon has been spotted recently, not that that has anything to do with their bad behaviour but time to get a perched owl. I've decided to leave a couple eggs out to keep Daisee on them, when she is sitting she can't be bothered to fight.
  6. I can't thank you all enough for the advice. THANK YOU!
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    I would say Going Quakers has it right. This is just normal duck behavior. You are in the southern hemisphere and going into the warm season. Their hormons are signalling breeding season, and they have to work out their own pecking order. You also say they are all female, so not a natural state, no mate for them. Although you would still have some dominance behavior between the females, but they would have the male to take their attention off each other.

    We have to remember they are ducks, so we shouldn't judge them based on human behavior. They're not naughty, just being ducks. That squabbling and pecking is just what they do until they have their social structure established and then it will subside somewhat but not disappear completely. Also consider the total area they are in. The larger the area the have, the easier it is for the less dominate ones to avoid being picked on. Just be patient and let them work it out among themselves. And think about getting them a drake.

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