Diverted a disaster!

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    Apr 12, 2012
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    On Tuesday, I read that it was going to rain here in Mid-California. So I decided to waterproof the rather old shed I'm using for hay and chicks. They are in watering troughs, with a light, so I wasn't too worried about that, but there was a chance rain could get into the 'nursery," so i got a tarp and nailed it up over the exposed places.

    In the morning I went out to check on them and the rain was pouring down, but not on them! [​IMG] However, the heat lamps were off! My husband quickly figured out the problem. Whew! I didn't lose one baby. I also had wrapped the extension cord connection with plastic and taped it all up. Then laid the connection on top of a block, then put a washbasin on top of it and then put a block on top of that. (I have a young dog and horses that have access to that area and the colt is very curious. I didn't want him knocking it over, or the dog chewing it up).

    Last night, Wednesday, I checked on them up until 11:30 that night. During one of these checks the lights went out again. Turned out, my son had moved the extension cord (we have no power in the shed). The new plug didn't work. Fortunately, it had just happened, so I caught it in time. Today they are in great shape.

    So glad I was deligent and made those extra trips out in the rain.

    I just love my baby chicks, way more than I thought I would, eventhough I've had chicks in the past.

    So, I am posting this to tell anyone who does not have an ideal set-up, that you can raise chickens, but check on them frequently, especially in bad weather. I hope this doesn't sound like a lecture. I don't mean it to. Just sharing my expereince and that I managed to avert a disaster.
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    I have had several circumstances like that. My situation isn't ideal, and definitely hot high-budget! By checking on them often, I found one that was pasted, one that was injured with a lot of blood loss, one with bloody poop. (Not all of this happened at the same time!) I also found compromises in the chicken coop, from a schnauzer I was dogsitting, before the hole could get big enough to endanger the chickens.

    So far, everyone I've had are doing well!

    So I agree with you... if you live in a setting that allows chickens, and you have enough room for the ones you plan to have, you can make the rest work.

    Good catch!
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