Dixie Pickles!

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    The heat fried my brain yesterday, what little there was left to fry. [​IMG]

    By the time DH got home from work @ 1 AM, I was about three hours past exhausted. My 6 cylinder brain was firing on 2 1/2 cylinders. I was mentally whining to myself about having to fix him our version of supper, but when I had talked to him earlier in the evening he told me he was indeed hungry.

    So DH comes home, I meet him at the gate. In the dark he hands me a jar of something, said it was "Dixie pickles". Dixie pickles? Yes, Dixie pickles. Now I'm a stranger in a strange land, coming to Arkansas from NC 8 years ago. They have lots of things in Arkansas that I had never experienced before - ranch beans, brisket and tex mex dishes. I'm still getting teased about some of my ignorance early on, so I'm not about to ask what the heck are Dixie pickles.

    I bring the jar in the house, set it on the kitchen counter. While cooking supper I keep going back to the jar. Look like ordinary homemade bread and butter pickles to me. [​IMG]

    I studied those pickles off and on for about an hour; wondering what's different about them. What makes a bread and butter pickle a Dixie pickle?

    I couldn't contain my curiosity any longer and finally asked DH "What the heck is a Dixie pickle???"

    DH looks at me as if I've lost the rest of my mind and says "Dixie! Kelly's wife! She made those pickles and wanted to share with you."

    I should just stop asking questions. [​IMG]
  2. Well, i just love the name "Dixie Pickles". That's what you should call bread and butter pickles from now on. [​IMG]
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    Quote:Yep, you better stop playing Mahjong! [​IMG]
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    That is SO something I would experience!

    In my life, up until I was 30 or so, "invalid" was a word meaning not valid. I transferred from one Comm Center to another within the same agency, and was put through the paces of learning new procedures for fairly similar tasks. One day, when getting ready to dispatch a medical call for the first time with a particular fire department - the largest in the county - I pulled the run card and noticed the words "invalid alert" next to the exact address where I was going to send the equipment. So, I asked, "Do we get a lot of bogus calls from this address?"


    Turns out, it was an alert for an invalid living there.... A disabled person.
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    Bwhahhahahaha! [​IMG] I can see you now...
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    May 19, 2008
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    Quote:Yep, you better stop playing Mahjong! [​IMG]

    *snort* [​IMG]

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