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Mar 28, 2018
Hey all,
First post here. Thought I would share some plans I drew for a brooder. I just recently got some chicks and they are quickly outgrowing their storage bin. It is pretty cold here in the North East so I have to build something before they can go outdoors. I drew something up in AutoCAD at work and it seemed like it would do the trick. If anyone notices any mistakes or has suggestions let me know! Thanks, feel free to use the plans and tweak dimensions as desired!


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I would make the side door ~30" wide and section off an area for a roost with a small opening that can be closed for cleaning. 16" deep for the roost area. I made a roost with adjustable height as they grew I raised it up. I would block this area off until they are a week or so old. I would not use the top door when there are chicks inside only the side door. Also sit in a chair so your eye level with them as you do daily maintenance. I found that cleaning the roost area was easier from the top and would do that when the chicks were out exploring in their area with ramps and other things leading to the outside world. I would enclose the roost area with ply or other wood and only have HC on top and the door and ~12" or so of the daily area.

That is the exact same size as I made... love pocket screws for this type of construction. Excellent drawings!

If you don't have the Kreg jig yet, I'd look at the K4 or K5. I started with the basic one - which worked really well - but then upgraded to the K5. I'm really happy with the K5. I'm giving my Dad my old one. Just food for thought if you think you might use it for other projects down the road. Also, the K5 takes the Kreg HD jig as well, and I've already made use of that feature.
72 L x 30 D x 36 H

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