DIY coop under $ it possible?


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Dec 25, 2013
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I've been looking at soooo many small and medium sized coops and runs. I'd like to know if I can build a nice coop for 4 chickens under $400. I know that using free pallets is an option, but I'm not keen on that idea. I have a ReStore near me that I plan to visit frequently for supplies so I know I can save money there. I just would love to see some coops that you designed yourself for only a few hundred dollars. I do not have any "leftover" wood from projects or anything like that so I wouldn't be able to use something like that. Most of what I will need I will have to purchase either at full price or a discount. I'm constantly searching area Craigslist ads for free or cheap lumber, tools, and supplies. I guess I just need some reassurance that it can be done. Thanks.


Jul 3, 2015
Amo, IN
Check out the "Free Stuff" section on Craigslist. I've seen free sheds and building materials on there. Let us know how it goes. Good luck!


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Jul 10, 2010
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First is the duck house. The chicken house is same build style, but higher up and the roof doesn't open.
2x4s and 6' fence boards. Roof is plywood and shingles. The floor was left over trex we found, but the chicken house floor is just fence boards. And a gallon of paint to pain the insides for easier cleaning.
Both houses are 6' x 3'



Jan 12, 2016
Houston, TX
I haven't read any of the replies to this thread, but I just wanted to reply with a big fat "ABSOLUTELY!". Although, it requires some imagination and handy DIY skills. When I proposed the idea of getting chickens to my wife she was opposed because of the price. I made a deal with her that I'd build the ENTIRE coop for under $50, and I did. I took scrap 2x4's from construction sites (even the ones they trash are decent in size, all you have to do is be handy with a hammer and remove the nails), as well as scrap waferboard that I later water-proofed with several layers of primer and paint.

All of this was FREE. I paid $21 for corrugated sheet metal roofing, and another $20 for primer, paint, and caulk. Our coop holds about 8 full-sized hens and was designed without "professional" plans. You've got to remember that these are animals that crap on the ground (and sometimes in their own food) and will lay/roost in the wild wherever they see fit. Chances are, your coop is a huge upgrade. Also, it's kind of gratifying knowing that your design barely cost you anything. I mean, what's the point of getting chickens in the initial investment is more than you'll ever consume from the eggs alone? You can do it! Just take a truck out to a construction site and load up on scram wood, then get creative!

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