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    Oct 5, 2016
    I enjoy designing things so i designed this. I AM NOT TAKING CREDIT FOR DESIGN. if anyone wants to use it, go right ahead :)
    What it is is a typical hay dispenser, with rales to keep goats from standing on bottom tray, with small slits so your goat can access the hay, but not tons of room to pull out tons. What does fall, should land on the bottom platform, where you can pick up the hay and place it threw the top so goats now have a second chance to eat it. the whole project can be placed on bricks to prevent exposer to rain/manure. Suggesting you put it in a barn/somewhere with a roof, to prevent hay from getting wet and molding. Depending on the wood you use, the wood could mold.
    Once again, I DO NOT TAKE CREDIT FOR THIS DESIGN!!!! you shouldn't take credit either, although i can't stop you form doing so.

    I hope i can build it soon to see how it works, when i have time/materials. [​IMG]
    Let me know if your brave enough to build it and, if you are, how well does it work?
    Also let me know of things people should consider before building it/suggestions. You/me/someone might be able to make improvements to the design! Don't be shy to make suggestions :)

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